EAA Chapter 1071




September 24, 2016


1. The meeting was called to order by Donna Callar, president.


2. All stood for the pledge to our American flag.


3. The best part of our meeting came as a slide presentation by Jim and Alice Newton.
There was plenty of notice sent out about this and those of you who did not make it to the meeting missed a real treat! Jim and Alice recently took a trip north to Minnesota where they took to the skies and explored islands in and around Canada only accessible by floatplane. Jim and Alice took some absolutely fantastic pictures and we were privileged to view these and hear about their trip! A big thank you to them for sharing this with us.


4. Donna read the treasurers report. We currently have $11,565.25 A member request has been made concerning our expenses the past year. I am including an attachment with a rundown of the expenses incurred and paid and also the income taken in. 


5. As you all know, October is the monthly meeting where the office of President and Secretary will be voted on. As of now, no one has been presented as nominee for said positions. Please help us to keep this chapter alive and expanding by considering taking on one of these offices. Donna will be moving away to take care of her aging mom and can no longer serve as President. I (Debbie) have served as secretary for 6 yrs. and would just like to take a break. 


6. We discussed the Third Class Medical Reform  a little more. 


7. Rick Shoup informed us of a fly-in sponsored by EAA Chapter 186 held at the Warrenton Fauquier Airport next Sat. October 1st.


8. Meeting was adjourned.




Donna Callar