EAA Chapter 1071




May 28, 2016


EAA chapter 1071 met at the club hangar on May 26, 2016.  The meeting was called to order by Donna Callar, President of Chapter 1071, with “The Pledge of Allegiance”.  Present were: Ted Johnson, guest, Bernard Heiler, Paul Clohan, Phil Palmisano, Rick Shoup, Rich Talbot, and Donna Callar. 


With all bills paid, there is a balance of $13, 952.65 in the treasury.


Old Business


The program for the June meeting is a trip to Bruce Dawson’s shop.  Directions to drive to his shop will be sent out just before the meeting.


The condo fee of $750.00 has been paid by all but one member.  This member will be paying in the near future.


New Business


Information on a book written by Jim Davis was discussed.  Jim flew to all 48 states after being diagnosed with cancer.


Volunteers are needed to work at Oshkosh several weekends.  The volunteers will be given lodging, food and special entertainment each weekend.


The new roster of members was sent around for additions and corrections.  As soon as the roster is completed, members will be given a copy at a chapter meeting.


The July meeting will be a membership and family picnic at 6:00 PM on July 3o.  The chapter will provide the hot dogs, hamburgers, buns, drinks and place settings.  Each family will be requested to bring a dish to share with all present.




Rich Talbot discussed what has been happening at the Airport Authority Meetings and answered questions presented by those present.  A company from Mexico has approached the Airport Authority about flying products to and from Martinsburg Airport.  The company has given the Airport Authority a large sum of money with no9 strings attached.  The company wants to fly from Mexico directly to Martinsburg, which means a customs office would need to be set up at Martinsburg Airport.


The Airport Authority has been approached by a person who wants to use the kitchens at the restaurant for doing catering.  The Authority is interested in someone opening a restaurant and serving food at that facility.


As the meeting was ending, Phil asked if some of the money in the treasury could be used to purchase a computer program for laying out the instrument panel on some experimental aircraft.  It was explained to Phil that the money in the treasury was need to pay the property taxes on the hangar, utilities, repairs, insurance and other chapter expenses.


Donna Callar