EAA Chapter 1071




June 25, 2016


Chapter 1071 met at the workshop of Bruce Dawson, located on Dawson Drive.  Attending were Rich Talbot, Jerry Hockman and guest, Bruce and Pat Dawson and Donna Callar.  Those attending were so impressed by what they saw, it was not possible to get the group to stop talking and looking until their tongues and legs were tired.  The first room contained models of sailing ships, a working sawmill in a glass case and a working model of a grist mill.  The machines and tools used to create these models were inspected and, any questions asked and answered by Bruce.  The second room was Bruce’s office.  Unique clocks, a stage coach and a team of horses, a Chris Craft Runabout, and a border of wallpaper with antique cars, airplane and boats on it complete the room.  The third room had sheets if tin, tools and equipment for doing tin work.  He has made a few but has not found any books or instructions on how to use the new tools and machinery.  The last item stored in this room was the old car with a rumble seat.  If anyone is interested, it is for sale.  I was either a model A or T.


Finally, those attending were able to sit down and enjoy the donuts and drinks that were provided.  Other members who could not attend this viewing are welcome to call Bruce at 540-539-6993 or Pat at 504-533-1936 to arrange a date and time to visit the shop.


A short business meeting was held.  The balance in the treasury at the present time is $13,916.00.  Since there were questions at the last meeting as to how the chapter would use all of this money, in the near future you will receive a list of expenditures for one year.


There was an article in the newspaper that Billy Walkup had resigned as the manager of the Martinsburg Airport.  I have learned that Billy and his secretary Joyce are no longer working at the airport.


The July meeting of Chapter 1071 will be a family picnic at the chapte3r hangar no July 30 at 6:00 PM.  The chapter will supply the hot dogs, hamburgers, buns, drinks, paper plates and eating utensils.  Each family is requested to bring a covered dish that will serve about 15 people.


Donna Callar