EAA Chapter 1071




January 28, 2016


The meeting was called to order by Donna Callar, President of chapter 1071.  The meeting opened with “The Pledge of Allegiance”.  Lee Jones, Treasurer has paid the chapter renewal fee of $100.00 and the insurance coverage of $64.00 t0 the National EAA Headquarters.  There is a balance of $10, 515.81 in the chapter bank account at this time.  There were 12 members and three guests present at the meeting.




The guest speaker was Lt. Col. Christopher Spigler, Chief Safety Officer of the Air National Guard; his topic was the C-17 operations at the Martinsburg Airport.  The C-17 airplanes usually fly later in the day.  Those present asked many questions.  It was a very in formative program.




Scout Aviation Group Lee Jones has been contacted again by the scout leader requesting an Explorer’s group for the scouts.  Aerosmith is going to sponsor the group and the meetings will be held at AeroSmith


Dues for 20116 are due.  Dues are $30.00 for an individual and $40.00 for a family.  A chapter must have at least ten members to be a chapter according to the National EAA Regulations.  If you need to pay your dues, please see Lee Jones or send your dues to Lee at EAA chapter 1071; 275 Aviation Way; Martinsburg, WV 25405.


Pilots’ Bill or Rights 2

The Senate unanimously passed the Pilots’ Bill of Rights 2 in December.  The bill now goes to the House of Representatives.  The bill states a pilot who currently has or has had a valid FAA medical certification in the past 10 years will no longer be required to visit an aviation medical examiner on a regular basis.  In stead, the pilot will be required to take a free, online, medical education course every two years and visit their own private physician every four years for a physical.  A new pilot will be required to have a medical review by an FAA AME to receive their first medical certificate. Only three medical conditions could disqualify a pilot from flying or force a pilot into a special issuance process: severe diagnoses of cardiovascular disease, mental health, or neurological conditions.


Registration of Unmanned Aircraft

Ay owner of a small UAS(unmanned aircraft) who has operated the aircraft prior to December 21, 2015, must register it no later than February 19, 2016.Others owners who have purchased for use a model aircraft after December 21, 2015, must register before the first flight outdoors.  Owners must be at lest 13 years old to register.




Compliance Action

Compliance Action is a non-enforcement method to correct unintentional deviation that are the result of simple mistakes, flawed processes, a lack of understanding, and even diminishing skills.  A compliance action may be taken or offered by the FAA by educational, an on-the-spot communication between the FAA and a pilot, additional training, remedial training, counseling, and/or suggested improvements in organizational processes.  The FAA will still pursue enforcement actions when there are intentional or reckless deviations from regulatory standards or that otherwise present an unacceptable risk to safety.  This new policy went into effect June 26, 2016.


Student Pilot Certificate

As of April 1, 2016, a student pilot will be issued a plastic certificate that will not expire and will give the student unlimited time to complete training without having to apply for another student pilot license.  Those who have paper certificates may continue to use them or apply for a plastic one.


IMC Club

IMC Clubs are being formed to facilitate organized hanger flying that focuses on building flight proficiency.  The National EAA Organization has entered into a license agreement to begin producing and distributing IMC resources and monthly scenarios.  The members will become EAA members of existing chapters or form new chapters.


EAA Youth Protection Policy

As of May 1, 2016, all EAA members interacting with youth in any EAA relate program or event must complete an EAA online Youth Protection Course and pass the final test at the end of the course and pass a Criminal History Background check.  Further information can be obtained by going to the National EAA Website.



According to the agreement made with the Airport Authority, anytime EAA Chapter 1071 is not active, the Airport authority immediately takes possession of the EAA hangar.  The president and the secretary are due to be elected at the end of 2016 and take office at the end of th3 meeting in December 2016.  Donna announced she will not accept the nomination for president at the end of 2016, if asked.  Her mother is 98 years old, still living alone, and lives below Wheeling, WV, in a small town called Glendale.  If for any reason her mother cannot continue living alone, she will need to go take care of her.