EAA Chapter 1071




February 28, 2016


The meeting was opened by Donna Callar, President of chapter 1071, with “The Pledge of Allegiance”. 


Jerry Hockman then introduced his friend, and our guest speaker, Bruce Dawson.  Mr. Dawson ha been interested in building and machine shop work since very and owns his own machine shop now in Winchester, VA.  He has built numerous planes, ships and other types of machinery to scale completely from scratch.  I might add that these are all working pieces with moving parts, very intricate and quite impressive! Many of these pieces are on display at his machine shop.  We are planning a trip to his shop in the near future, possibly in April.  An e-mail will be sent out when the date is confirmed.


Donna gave the Treasurer’s report.  We currently have a balance of $ 10,687.62.  As always, a complete report is available to any member wishing to see it.


Hangar assessments will be sent out shortly.  The fee will be $750.00 this year and can be paid to Lee Jones, out Treasurer.


Old Business

  1. Dues – Currently we have 16 members who have paid their chapter dues.  If you have not paid and wish to join, the dues are $30.00 per person or $40.00 per family.  Dues can also be paid to Lee Jones, our Treasurer.


  1. Youth Protection Policy and Background check – It is mandatory now for anyone working with kids to complete a course through the EAA.  This course can be found at the EAA website and Donna is encouraging everyone to do it, especially if you plan to work with Young Eagles.


New Business

  1. You can now donate an airplane to the AOPA for tax purposes.  Visit their website for details.


  1. We will not be having a March meeting.  The Easter Holiday falls on that weekend and we have decided to cancel that meeting and resume meetings in April


  1. We regret to report that Joanne Cook Has decided to close her business conducted through the terminal building.  We had hoped to finally get a restaurant opened again, but for personnel reasons, she is closing.


  1. In closing, Rick shoup shared his personal story of his service to our country during the Vietnam War.  Recently a recreation of the plane he flew was completed in Italy and rick went to the dedication ceremony overseas.  For photos and the whole story, you can read about it on the website at www.199thAVNCO.net.  We that Rick for his service and sharing some of his experiences.


  1. The meeting was adjourned