EAA Chapter 1071




April 30, 2016


EAA chapter 1071 met at the club hangar on April 30, 2016.  The meeting was called to order by Donna Callar, President of Chapter 1071, with “The Pledge of Allegiance”.  As of April 30, there is a balance of $13, 287.59 in the treasury.


Old Business


Youth Protection Program – The Youth Protection Program goes into effect on May 1, 2106.  Donna Callar is the only member of chapter 1071 who has applied for and passed both parts.


Hangar Assessment – The hangar assessment fee of $750.00 has been paid for by all but Brian Vanderhoof.  President Callar is going to write him a lette3r giving him until the end of May to pay his assessment or begin paying a late fee of 5% a month.


Visit to Bruce Dawson – The trip to Bruce Dawson’s workshop had to be cancelled since he is away from home.  We will try to schedule the visit for the program for the May meeting.


AOPA Donate Airplane – If you no longer want your airplane, you can donate it to AOPA for a tax write-off.  AOPA will give it to another pilot who does not have an airplane.


Pilotts’ Bill of Rights 2 – The bill has passed the Senate and is going bsck to the House of Representatives since the Senate made some changes.


New Business


Airport Authority Meeting – The next Airport Authority meeting is May 3 at 7:30 PM.


Fly-In, Drive-In – The Hagerstown EAA will have breakfast and lunch at the Hagerstown Airport on May 14, June 11, August 13 and September 10.  Young Eagles will be flown on each of these dates.


Oshkosh Work Parties – Weekend work parties will be held at Oshkosh on May 21 and 21, June 4 and 5, June 25 and 26, July 9 and 10 and July 16 and 17.  Volunteers are provided overnight accomodatins in the EAA bunkhouse, daily meals and Saturday evening entertainment each weekend.


Program – Those who attended Sun and Fun told of their experiences of flying down, being there and flying back.  The chapter lease of it’s hangar was reviewedby those who were interested in tis terms.  Members were reminded if the chapter was not active, the Airport Authority would take over the row of hangars built by the chapter immediately.  If the chapter was behind in paying it’s  bills, the Authority would take control of the chapter’s hangars and the chapter would still be responsible for the debt.


Donna Callar